City of Hope – Jedha City – LEGO MOCs – Ukrainian Masters

Incredibly fantastic work of the Ukrainian master Ice2bu the picture impresses with a panorama of the holy Jedha City, in which the events of the movie Star Wars – Rebel One take place. You can look at it for a long time, and then want to rewatch the cult movie!

The history of this ancient city tells show us more deeply about the star saga universe. Therefore, this work contains quite a lot of interesting details that can tell about the past and the coming future. Pay attention to the ancient arch covered with sacred symbols – this is a trace of the former greatness of the shrine, which was built in the middle of the desert and protected by a majestic wall from the merciless sands. It is detailed by Lego elements and gives impressive realism.

These are the remnants of a place of strength where one could retire and which was ruled by wise Jedi. But after the empire occupation, only memories of the former sanctity remained, hidden behind the dust and slavery .

Now this place is occupied by the forces of the Galactic Empire, and a city of the new imperial order was founded, which is more aptly named – a deaf, forgotten hole on the outskirts of the Galaxy. But among the beggars and bandits there is a hidden spark. She can’t be seen in the gray crowd, but she will give “New Hope” to the rebel alliance!

P.S. The work was created in the conditions of war and evokes a feeling of what is happening now in our Ukrainian reality. Namely, it aptly reflects the order and state of existence in the Ukrainian lands occupied by the “Russian” empire. Star Wars was created as a metaphor for the events of real wars in the past, and its nature hasn’t changed for thousands of years to this day. So any empire built on invasion and oppression is doomed to collapse! …galactic …and russian.

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