Subotiv – LEGO MOCs – Ukrainian Masters

There are s lot of lego-fans in our country, but not so much of those, who builds something. We all know them due to social networks. But also there are people, who build and don’t show their MOCs often to others. Артемій Сагайдачний among of them.

лєго саморобка церква суботів козаки

lego moc subotiv charge

He shows us his last creation – the church in Subotiv village, founded by famous Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Despite that we wish the terrain in this MOC would be more detailed, the main structures are great examples of ukrainian barocco. And look at these cossaks led by Hetman Bohdan! They are great!

lego cossacks

козаки суботів Хмельницький

kozaks lego moc

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