lego moc суботів козаки

Subotiv – LEGO MOCs – Ukrainian Masters

There are s lot of lego-fans in our country, but not so much of those, who builds something. We all know them due to social networks. But also there are people, who build and don’t show their MOCs often to others. Артемій Сагайдачний among of them.

опудало мініфігурка лего саморобка

Coffee time – LEGO MOCs – Ukrainian Masters

Its hard to stay under the sun whole day and night, seven days a week. Sometimes you want to take a rest from hot sun and annoying birds, to sit under the tree and take a cup of coffee. Jack_oS tells us a big story with a small vignette 8*8. You…

lego minifigure

Around decides! – LEGO MOCs – Ukrainian Masters

Not only Flickr, but Instagram also is the home for some lego-fans. You’ve already met in our blog such kind of lego-art, like minifigure scenes. Someone could think that it is not the same as MOCs, but for its creation you also need a lot of time and imagination.

lego moc lost temple

Lost Temple – LEGO MOCs – Ukrainian Masters

In the end of the past century lego were producing quite interesting series of Islanders (as a part of Pirates theme) and Adventurers. Present generations want to play with Ninjago and super heroes, but elders remember that sweet times of a childhood. Thanks to Icе2bu we can feel again it.

arale gatchan lego moc

Both from the egg – LEGO MOCs – World Masters

We think that not everyone knows about this characters, but in Japan they are very popular. LEGO 7 reproduced in a great way funny and cute anime-style not only with perfect poses, but also with a colour scheme.

lego polybags

City polybags – New LEGO Set Announcement

In German Lego Brand stores appeared new polybags with minifigure accessories and new elements for lego cities. Streetlamps, traffic lights, benches will be perfect content for the streets of lego-towns.

lego winter lake moc

Hot Spring Outpost – LEGO MOCs – World Masters

You can’t just get past this amazing work from jaapxaap and don’t take a look at it. Crystal clear deep blue and bright-yellow banks, covered with sulphur depositions… We just can’t stop staring at it.