CP1408 in 1:15 scale – LEGO MOCs – World Masters

André Pinto remembered his childhood and built a 1:15 locomotive.
train lego moc cp1408
The main idea was not to use 3d-printing for wheels but to make it totaly with LEGO parts.
train whells legomoc
As a results we have Dish 10 x 10 inverted as base element for each. And every wheel consist of 19 parts. For whole train were used about 7000 pieces.
lego train moc
CP 1408 (1/15) were built between 1966 and 1968, these emblematic “Machines” made in England with 65 tonnes, provided services in practically all the lines of Portugal.
legomoc cp 1408 train
Although limited at 105 km/hour, traction either trains of suburban service, goods, medium and long-term and the prestigious Intercities service.

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