[upd] Dicpatch BMW Bike – LEGO MOCs – World Masters

red 2‘s building style is already recognisable and loved by a lot of people. After a series of retro cars from 50’s, he pleased us with new BMW bike!

At first glance it seems crude and simple but just look at this amazing handlebar, travel trunks, and fuel tank with wings!


[upd 27.05.18] And we did not have time to rekindle watching and enjoying this wonderful model, as Martin Redfern stuns us with a variant of a motorcycle with a stroller, judging by the color scheme and the presence of a machine gun – from the African campaign of Rommel …

old bike lego moc

… and “inflicts a decisive blow”, completing it as a motorcyclist in the form of a soldier of the Third Reich. Checkmate!

lego biker moc

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