Dragon`s warm welcome – LEGO MOCs – World Masters

Just look at this vignette by mrxsto999! Although plot is typically fairy-tale, it is full of realism and grim tragic. The scale of dragon is excellent. It seems like kight is small and defenseless, but there is no doubt, that he will be a worthy adversary.
The rock made of simple LURP-elements, is not disadvantage of this MOC, and you notice that only when you start to explore in-depth.
Also, you should pay attention to base framework, hidden in the rock, for rigid ficsation of the dragon. And the dragon itself – one of the best dragons we ever seen, and believe: we’ve seen a lot of dragons! We would like to note an anatomical structure of joints in the points of wings ficsation and the flame. Its implementation is unbelieveble level of realism!


flame fragon lrgo moc

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