Vinnytsia`s Tower – LEGO MOCs – Ukrainian Masters

There are a lot of buildigs we are passing by every day. Turn them into lego model is a real challenge. AFOL from Vinnytsia flambo14 create a model of one of the highlights of his city.vinnitsa water tower
Built in 1912 in downtown, this water tower also served as a fire tower. It survived two world wars now is a monument of cultural heritage of Ukraine.water tower
The ground floor was the most difficult part to build and takes the a lot of time. The others five floors made of Dark Orange Bricks. We saw a lot of it in 10224 Town Hall set, that was bought specially for this project. Austere appearance and narrow windows gives medieval spirit to this tower. The dome has a little superstucture on the top. Clock with a dial 2m in diameter rings a melody every hour. Vinnitsa towerThe height of a real building – 28m, and the MOC – 62cm, so we got an ideal scale for minifigures 1:45.

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